List of 16 Famous Monasteries in India

List of monasteries in India

There are many monasteries in India, spanning across all regions of the country. These monasteries are home to a range of fascinating religious practices, including meditation, yoga, and chanting of Buddhism. Many of these monasteries are also renowned for their artistry, including the production of intricate pottery and paintings. Knowing the name of famous monasteries … Read more

Famous classical dancers of India

famous classical dancers of India

India is the land of legendary classical dancers. So it is  known for its art in the field of dances. and the one of art by which India is known is classical dance. India has a total of 8 classical dances. There have been so many legendary dancers  in the field of classical dance. Those … Read more

Total 12 Blue Flag Beaches in India

Blue flag beaches in India

India’s two new beaches are given the blue flag tag that are Minicoy Thundi Beach and Kadmat Beach, both are in Lakshadweep island. Including these two now India has a total of 12 beaches which are awarded the blue tag for the cleaness and eco-label given the Foundation for Environment Education in Denmark. Blue Flag … Read more

Dance form of different states of India

There are various types of Classical and folk dance in different states of India. The folk dances are performed on various occasions, like in festivals, marriages, harvesting time or to welcome the season etc. Most of the flock dances are performed by the different tribes. In this dance form both male and female take part … Read more

Dams in India and their Importance

Dams are the structures which are created to hold back  the flowing water of rivers. And store the water for future uses. Which would have been wasted in the raining season and this water is used during the summer season when there is no rain. It  plays an important  role in water conservation. Dams have … Read more