Dance form of different states of India

There are various types of Classical and folk dance in different states of India. The folk dances are performed on various occasions, like in festivals, marriages, harvesting time or to welcome the season etc. Most of the flock dances are performed by the different tribes. In this dance form both male and female take part … Read more

Dams in India and their Importance

Dams are the structures which are created to hold back  the flowing water of rivers. And store the water for future uses. Which would have been wasted in the raining season and this water is used during the summer season when there is no rain. It  plays an important  role in water conservation. Dams have … Read more

Lists of Cities on river banks

In the blog we will look upon the important cities that are on the river bank. In the static general knowledge section or in geography. The questions are asked on rivers or in which river banks a city is located. This type of the question comes in SSC, Railway, Banking and UPSC exams. River is … Read more

List Ramsar sites in India along with Pdf

There are many wetlands around the world in which there exists an ecosystem which needs to be conserved by the world to protect the habitat residing over there. Any wetland site which has been listed under the Ramsar Convention that aims to conserve it and promote sustainable use of its natural resources is called a … Read more