GI Tag 2023 list of India along with Pdf

The Government of India grants Geographical Indication (GI) tags to 33 new products recently to the states. Now there are a total of 465 Gi tags in India.

Here is the list of most recent GI tags given to different products and Handicraft of India. In this year of 2022-23,  Kerala has secured the highest number of Geographical Indication (GI) tags for products among all states in India. 

What is GI tag?

A geographical Indication is the full form  GI. GI Tag is given to the product that has a specific geographical origin and possesses qualities of product that are found in that particular place only. GI Tag is given to agriculture products , foodstuffs, wine and drinks, handicrafts and industrial products.

When the GI Tag is given to goods it gets the Intellectual properties rights like Copyright, Patent Trademark etc. Geographical Indication tag provides similar rights and  protection to holders. After getting the GI Tag they get power to protect the goods from the third party production of those who do not conform to the applicable standards.

Who gives GI tag?

GI tag is given for ten years by the TRIPS, a  governing body of the world trade organization (WTO). In India GI tag on product is given under the Registration and Protection Act of 1999 which came in force in India in September 2003. In India, the registration office is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

  • In India Karnataka has the largest number of GI tag and in second is Tamil Nadu.
  • Darjeeling Tea was the first Indian product to get the GI Tag in 2004 – 2005.
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Etikoppaka Toys are very famous toys from Andhra Pradesh.

Most Recent List of GI Tags of 2023

In the months of March and April the Indian government has given a total of 33 new GI tags to the different states in which Uttar Pradesh got the highest number of GI tags.

Marcha Rice (Mircha Rice)AgriculturalBihar
Banaras PanAgriculturalUttar Pradesh
Banaras Langda AamAgriculturalUttar Pradesh
Aligarh Tala  HandicraftUttar Pradesh
Adam Chini Chawal  (Rice)AgriculturalUttar Pradesh
Bakhira BrasswareHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Bnada Shazar Patthar CraftHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Nagina Wood CraftHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Pratapgarh  AonlaAgriculturalUttar Pradesh
Ramnagar Bhanta (Brinjal)AgriculturalUttar Pradesh
Hathras HingFood StuffsUttar Pradesh
Nagri Dubraj (Rice)  AgriculturalChhattisgarh
Basohli PaintingHandicraftJammu and Kashmir
Basohli Pashmina Woolen ProductsTextilesJammu and Kashmir
Rajouri Chikri Wood craftHandicraftJammu and Kashmir
Bhaderwah RajmashAgriculturalJammu and Kashmir
Mushk Budji RiceAgriculturalJammu and Kashmir
Ramban Sulai HoneyAgriculturalJammu and Kashmir
Ramban AnardanaAgriculturalJammu and Kashmir
Ladakh ShingskosWood CarvingLadakh
Rewa Sunderja Mango  AgriculturalAgriculturalMadhya Pradesh
Manapparai MurukkuFood StuffsTamil Nadu
Cumbum Paneer thratchai  (grapes)AgriculturalTamil Nadu
Marthandam HoneyNatural GoodsTamil Nadu
Ooty VarkeyFood StuffsTamil Nadu
Manamadurai PotteryHandicraftTamil Nadu
Salem sagoFood StuffsTamil Nadu
Authoor VetrilaiAgriculturalTamil Nadu
Negamam Cotton sareeTextilesTamil Nadu
Myladi Stone CarvingsHandicraftTamil Nadu
Thaikkal Rattan craftHandicraftTamil Nadu
Sholavandan VetrilaiAgriculturalTamil Nadu

States with there GI Tag in India

GI tag in India

List of GI Tags given in 2022 of all State

Geographical Indication (GI) tags are given to the product found in that particular State. This product has its own unique identity. In 2022 many products are given GI tags, go through to know the product that got the GI Tags.

Kaji Nemu AgriculturalAssam
Gamosa HandicraftAssam
Idu Mishmi Textiles HandicraftArunachal Pradesh
Khola Chilli AgriculturalGoa
Kashmir Saffron AgricultureJammu & Kashmir
Gulbarga Tur Dal AgriculturalKarnataka
Tirur Betel Leaf (Tirur Vettila)AgriculturalKerala
Manipuri Black Rice Food StuffManipur
Mizo PuancheiHandicraftMizoram
Tawla LohanHandicraftMizoram
Kandhamal Haladi AgriculturalOdisha
RasagolaFood StuffOdisha
Kodaikanal Malai PoonduAgriculturalTamil Nadu
Palani PanchamirthamFood StuffTamil Nadu
Karuppur KalamkariPaintingTamil Nadu
Narsingh Pettai Nadaswaram   Musical InstrumentTamil Nadu
Kanyakumari Clove  AgriculturalTamil Nadu
Kallakurichi wood carvingArtTamil Nadu
Dindigul LocksManufacturedTamil Nadu
Kandangi SareeHandicraftTamil Nadu
Srivilliputtur PalkovaFood StuffTamil Nadu
Chunar Glaze PotteryHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Banaras ZardoziHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur Pital BartanManufacturedUttar Pradesh
Banaras Wood CarvingHandicraftUttar Pradesh
 Banaras Hand Block PrintHandicraftUttar Pradesh
Rataul MangoAgriculturalUttar Pradesh
 Mau sareeTextilesUttar Pradesh
AipanFolk artUttarakhand
Munsyari RazmaFood StuffUttarakhand
Ringal CraftHandicraftUttarakhand

GI tag list pdf

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