Sayyid Dynasty and Lodi Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate

The Sayyid Dynasty and Lodi Dynasty

Khizr Khan ( 1414 -1421)

Timur nominated him to rule the Delhi Sultanate, and he founded the Sayyid dynasty.

Khizr Khan was the first ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty.

Mubarak Shah ( 1421 -1434)

Muhammad Shah ( 1434- 1445)

Alam shah ( 1445-1451)

He was the last sayyid dynasty ruler descended in favour of Bahlol Lodhi and he retired. Thus began the Lodhi dynasty.

 The Lodi Dynasty

Bahlol Lodi (1451-1489)

  • Alam shah the last ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty considered him as a son.
  • Bahlol Lodhi was one of the Afghan sardars who established himself in Punjab after the invasion of Timur.
  • He founded the Lodi Dynasty.
  • Jaunpur was annexed into Delhi Sultanate during his reign.
  • Bahlol Lodi invaded Jodhpur and issued a coin called Bahloli.

Sikandar Lodi ( 1489-1517)

  • Sikandar Lodi was the son of Bahlol lodi who conquered Bihar and Western Bengal.
  • His childhood name was Nizam-ka.
  • He founded the city of Agra in 1504 AD and moved his capital from Delhi to Agra in 1506.
  • Sikandar was a fanatical Muslim and he broke the sacred images of the Jwalamukhi Temple at Nagar Kot and ordered the temples of Mathura to be destroyed.
  • He reimposed Jaziya tax on Non muslims.
  • He used to write poems with the pen name “ Gulrukhi”.
  • He took a keen interest in the development of agriculture. He introduced the Gaz-i-Sikandari ( Sikandar’s yard) of 32 digits for measuring cultivated fields.
  • Vasco da Gama came during his reign ( 17 May 1498).

 Ibrahim Lodi (1517-1526)

  • He was the last king of the Lodi Dynasty and the last Sultan of Delhi.
  •  He was the son of Sikandar Lodi.
  • At last Daulat Khan Lodi, the governor of Punjab invited Babur to overthrow Ibrahim Lodi.
  • Babur accepted the offer and inflicted a crushing defeat on Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat in 1526.
  • He was the only Sultan who died on the battlefield.

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