Static GK Important topics for SSC, Railway, Banking exams

Static GK are the part of General Knowledge, In which the data or information  are fixed and that will never change. In which we study about the various achievements of various people, in fields like in sport, polities, scientific research etc.

In this article a list of the important topics and their pdf is listed. Static gk of History, Polity, Geography are covered. This list will be of a great help for the aspirant, those who are preparing for the competitive exams like SSC, Railway, Banking and UPSC.

How important is the Static GK in competitive exams?

If you are preparing for the government competitive exams  like bank exam, SSC exam, Insurance exam, Government exam or the most prestigious UPSC exams you must keep strong knowledge  with major topics of static GK. In the General Knowledge section almost 30% of questions come from the static gk portion.

Most Important topics of the Static Gk

Andhra Pradesh GK

Andhra Pradesh Static Gk for Competitive exams

Know your state Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh is the southeastern coastal state of India. It is the seventh largest state ...
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temples in india famous

Famous temples in India, State wise list along with Pdf

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List of terms related to different sports for the SSC, Railway exams

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Dance form of different states of India

There are various types of Classical and folk dance in different states of India. The folk dances are performed on ...
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Dams in India and their Importance

Dams are the structures which are created to hold backĀ  the flowing water of rivers. And store the water for ...
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Lists of Cities on river banks

In the blog we will look upon the important cities that are on the river bank. In the static general ...
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Tribe in India | list of tribes in different state of India

Tribes in India are the community of the indigenous people of the, who love to live in the forest and ...
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List of Important national festival of India

Religious and Tribal festival, fairs in India List of Important festivals are provided for the aspirant those who are preparing ...
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List Ramsar sites in India along with Pdf

There are many wetlands around the world in which there exists an ecosystem which needs to be conserved by the ...
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