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Current Affairs Quiz

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SSC GK Quiz 1

Here is the previous year’s SSC CGL GK question for you. Give the test to check your preparation.


#1. In which of the following years did the Ramsar convention to promote conservation and wise use of all wetlands through regional actions and international cooperation come to force in India?

#2. In which of the following India states will you find the Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple?

#3. In which of the following years was the Citizenship Act passed for the first time in India?

#4. As per the Census of 2011, which of the following states/UT has literacy rate of more than 90%?

#5. Which of the following is commonly referred to as ‘Ozone Hole’?

#6. In which year was the immunization Programme introduced in India as ‘Expanded Programme of Immunization’ by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare?

#7. On 21 October 1943, Subhash Chandra Bose proclaimed the formation of the Provisional Government of Free India in _____

#8. In which of the following Indian states is the Gorichen peak located?

#9. In which constitution amendment the word Secular added to the constitution?

#10. During the rule of which dynasty were Nalanda and Vikramshila universities founded?

#11. In which place SAARC Charter was signed in the year 1985?

#12. A typical adult human body contains about _____ of magnesium?

#13. The Mesopotamians wrote on tablets made of